Welcome to the MetaPaleo website! This project is for meta-analyses of Paleontological research, including:

  1. OpenPaleo
  2. TimeSeries
  3. Peer Review Transparency
  4. TetraTime
  5. Paleome

An Open project

This project adheres to the principles of Open Science, in that all content and methods are openly and immediately shared to encourage collaboration and re-use.

Want to propose something else? All data, code, methods, and live results are available on the GitHub project page.

Anyone can contribute anything they want to this, irrespective of past experience. Contributions are automatically tracked guaranteeing attribution and project authorship.

Each project is indexed on Zenodo as part of the Meta-Paleo Community. Here, each time a project is updated on GitHub as a new version, the new content and contributions are automatically integrated into the community project space, and granted an updated DOI. Neat huh.


For more information, please see the About page.

You can even cite this website!

Jon Tennant, & Achintya Rao. (2019, October 8). Meta-Paleo/meta-paleo.github.io: First release (Version v1.0). Zenodo. http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.3476286


This website is licensed under an MIT media license. Theme is flaty. Source code can be found at https://github.com/Meta-Paleo/meta-paleo.github.io. Created by Jon Tennant.